Sunday, April 7, 2013

We started class discussions this week. The class was split into different groups and every group has to come up with a reading or video to have a class discussion about it. The reading or video had to deal with the topic of our last essay. The topic is education. Two groups went this week. I think this was a great idea because it gives different point of views on topic and some of the discussions we have it can also help with our paper. It can helps with thinking outside of the box. When someone says something you never thought about you can talk about it in your paper and it might make your paper sound that much better. I wish Sweeney would have done this with our first and second papers because I think it would have help us with different point of views instead of just what we thought about a certain topic.  I would love the class discussions over writing papers. The discussions were a great way to get the whole class to participate because the topics, readings, and videos that the groups that went already chose were something that everyone had an opinion on. I think Sweeney should keep the class discussions for his future class and do them before all the papers.

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